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We have been fresh-pressing our healthy and great-tasting apple juice on our family farm since 1993.
We learned from the traditional way the Swiss pressed their juices, and adapted our own modern press to produce this honest, pure and natural juice. As we are BRC certified producers, we make sure that we only process the finest apples according to their highest standards.

For every litre of our apple juice we use one and a half kilos of only the very best varieties of apples, such as Elstar, Jonagold and Golden Rennet. We don't add any preservatives, but because we pasteurise the juice it is possible to store it without refrigeration. Once opened, we recommend that it is kept chilled and used within a few days.

We started selling our apple juice in the Netherlands, near to our family farm and orchards. At first to small shops and fresh produce markets, but as more and more people appreciated the taste, supermarkets wanted to stock it too.

Only the best fruit is used in the making of our juices

Harvested at just the right moment, and then kept cool before being sorted, washed and pulped. The juice is extracted from the fruit pulp, then lightly filtered, which leaves a small amount of natural fruit solids. This is what makes the juice cloudy, and extra tasty. During the whole process nothing artificial is added to this 100% natural juice. Our Juices tastes like no other and is made for consumers who consciously choose 100% pure and natural products.

We let nature be nature...

We press the juices ourselves, on the farm. The orchard has been here since this part of Holland (The ‘Flevopolder’) was reclaimed from the sea. We’ve always grown fruit here, and in the 1990’s we began to press some of it into juice.

Today we still press all our own fruit, and still without any concessions on taste and quality. Absolutely nothing artificial is added, we simply let nature be nature. The sweet, natural taste of our juices comes from the fruit’s own sugars.


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