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DOBBELS MEAT is a manufacturor of refined pork meat products, such as cooked and smoked hams, back bacons, belly bacons, cooked and smoked sausages. Ovenbaked meat products. It's brand is NOBLYS.

Noblys originated in 2007 to create an added value for our meat products which results in the refining and optimalisation of the flavour. Time and again, as meat specialists, we put our heart and soul into looking for the best combination of selected herbs and ingredients to bring out the pureness of our product. This way we guarantee a refined, established and more stable quality day after day.       My company’s philosophy is determined by being open to the needs of one’s neighbour and act with my Dobbels Team accordingly. My staff and I aim at the true values, the essence of “the taste” of life; morals, respect, honesty, genuineness, courage, having a generous heart, working for a better world. To get out the nobility of each of us…


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