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       Harper Hygienics was established in 1990. Over the years it has been building up its european market position in personal hygiene, baby care, household care and business sectors, eventually becoming the leader on the Polish market, offering brand products and own brands for retail chains.

      Harper Hygienics owes its good market position to keeping a close eye on consumer trends and meeting the ever-increasing needs associated with changing lifestyles. It is also signifcant to note the company's concern for the highest quality of its products as well as its investments in new production lines and innovative technologies.

      Since 2010 Harper has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

      Harper Hygienics has been part of the Cotton Club group since 2017, and together they constitute the largest producer of wet wipes and cotton hygiene products in Central and Eastern Europe, with production plants located in Poland, Russia, and Latvia. Cotton club group manage total production chain: from fiber to final product with constant focus on innovation. Flexible structure of organization to adjust to our trading partners’ business needs: price effectiveness / flexible offer.



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