Chang Jin South Korea


Chang Jin South Korea

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The retail group buys for the following banners :

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Phone : + 82 10 5439 5336


The company is specialised in the trading and distribution of cosmetic products. Indeed providing skincare products for the body and face, Changin has managed to cement its position as a trustworthy importer by expanding its business activities to:


- duty-free shops

- beauty and health shops

- online shops


With their experience in the sector, Changjin provides its expertise to customers hence able to project high-end brand image.

The products available are as follows:

- moisturizing creams

- serums

- face masks

- slimming lotion

- anti ageing creams


Over the years Changjin has been able to earn the trust of its partners. The importer uses various marketing tools to reach its target audience and is also trusted to bring high quality products that meet the needs of the customers.