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Canah International, Excellency in hemp seed processing

Canah International is one of the largest manufacturers of hemp food products.

Located in Romania, country member of European Union, Canah is processing only hemp seed, having a high level of specialization and know-how for hemp food products developed in 10 years of activity.

It is a fully integrated manufacturer, doing cleaning, production preparation, hulling, pressing, milling hemp seed, and packaging in the same location. 

Using quality packaging, Canah developed  Hemp Essentials range of products for consumers, including  cold pressed hemp seed oil, hemp protein powder, hemp seed fiber, hemp flour and hemp seed oil vegan caps. Canah is offering also Hemp Up range of energy bars and hemp protein shakes.

Following the increasing exigency for quality products driven by clients and by the market, Canah is improving permanently the quality standards and the knowledge about hemp seed. The company is holding ISO 22000:2005 from TUV Rheinland, and is Organic and Kosher certified.

Canah team is proud of the long-term partnerships they have formed with companies in Europe, United States and elsewhere, who prepare and sell natural and organic foods, where Canah products are key ingredients for new products they envision. 

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