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Camargue Production

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Phone : +33 4 66 01 31 88
Fax : +334 66019306
6 Rue nationale, 30510 Générac, France


With years of experience in dietary and organic food, the Camargue Production has been cultivating its main crops namely: rice, wheat and grass for the breeding of wild bulls and Camargue horses at the ‘Le Grand Badon’ farm in Southern France. The company was founded in 1990 by Phillipe Cuillé. It handles the packaging and marketing of dry food products, mainly rice from Camargue and the Mediterranean.

Its food products consists of sweet & savoury and drinks categories. The predominantly rice section has the ‘Grand Badon’ brand of rice such as the ‘Riz Long de Camargue, 1kg Risotto, Paella from Camargue and Mediterranean. The Grand Badon brand also comes in big packages notably: Mélange (in 3 types); 500 g of Riz Long étuvé de Camargue; 1 kg of Riz Long Blanc de Camargue (white rice); 1 kg of Riz Long Complet Rouge de Camargue (Long Red Rice of Camargue).

There are also rice packed in jute bags having products like the 1 kg of Long White Rice from Camargue; Special Risotto White Rice (1 kg); White Rice Special Paella (1 kg), and the list goes on.  Its packaging comes in plastics, cardboard, and jute bags.

In addition there are other product ranges such as the  organic rice and cereals from the farmhouse, Asian rice, noodles, sauces and preserves (black mushrooms, bamboo shoots, coconut milk), sweet and savoury snacks, Asian drinks and Japanese products like the vinegar for sushi, puffed rice crackers, wasabi, nori seaweed, just to mention a few. The Asian drinks includes: pineapple, coconut, guava, and tropical fruit drinks.