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Berrico FoodCompany bv imports for the European market several powerberries, both conventional and certified organic. We are strong in cranberries, (wild) blueberries, goji berries, sour cherries, mulberries, physalis and strawberries. The first three we carry as (sweetened) dried, frozen(IQF), puree, juice and juice concentrate, the others only as sweetened and/or natural dried. In 2001 four inspired people started a venture with the idea of bringing dried cranberries to the market as a healthy snack. After a difficult start, Berrico quickly became an expert in promoting, selling, handling, storing and shipping cranberries. Over the years the range of products was extended to the powerberries mentioned above that we sell B2B - including private label – all over Europe. Today we are firmly established in Europe. We have grown into one of Europe’s largest suppliers of cranberries – in fact, the largest supplier of organic cultivated cranberries. Above all, we are the logical partner for many food producers and retailers who use berries in their end products.

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