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The destiny of the Torrent family has since 1898 been united to one single passion, that of the production and exportation of Andalusian olives. Currently managed by the 4th generation, Aceitunas Torrent is a leading grower, producer and exporter of quality table olives worldwide.

Right at the heart of the largest olive groves area in Spain, where the climate and soil grant  perfect growing conditions, the Torrent hub is strategically located by the main motorways and ports of South Spain

Sophisticated knowledge of the land, olive growth and production processes passed  from one generation to another, accumulating wisdom over 120 years and increasing its international presence always under the strictest food and safety standards. Aceitunas Torrent cater a large number of formats and olive types, as an answer to market demands, in addition to specializing in the production of the hojiblanca variety.  

The Torrent 1898 range, together with an innovative line of product for "on the go" consumption are the latest additions to the portfolio.


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