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Founded in 2011 by Pierre Asseo, Antoine Bonnel and Aurelien Van Berten, Wabel has made its mission to facilitate private label sourcing across the whole of Europe. Mr. Asseo had been living in China for over 15 years, sourcing products for major European industrials.

Upon his return to France, Pierre Asseo noticed that there was no such service on the EU market. No centralization of information regarding suppliers, no single place to go to for all your sourcing needs like Alibaba.com or hundreds of others in China. Sourcing was therefore tedious and time consuming for E.U. buyers.
Wabel Private Label

With this in mind, Wabel’s objective quickly became to facilitate communications and business between European retailers and private label suppliers big and small, as Pierre had done for the past 15 years in China. His deep understanding of the sourcing needs and the buying processes of EU retailers made it an evident choice of venture: become the leading private label sourcing marketplace on the continent.

Wabel's private label sourcing today
Today Wabel counts over 7,500 private label suppliers in its data factory and works with the biggest retailers on the EU market, providing them with their Wabel 365 service: year-round assistance in all their sourcing needs.

Acting as your « super assistant », Wabel will analyze buyers’ sourcing requests in depth to fully understand their specific needs and match them with the best suited suppliers, capable of satisfying said needs. As Pierre Asseo often repeats « there are no good suppliers nor good customers: there are only great matches » and Wabel is designed to generate these matches.

The Wabel 365 service also includes four summits per year, organized around the sectors of frozen foods, chilled & dairy, household and personal care, and grocery. This provides buyers and suppliers an unprecedented opportunity to meet dozens of potential business partners in just 2 days.

Innovative and efficient private label sourcing
Wabel Private Label

This innovative concept has had great success from the beginning, being beneficial to both buyers and suppliers alike. « Wabel is the only Professional event that I am attending for my sourcing » affirms a category manager from Carrefour, while a German private label supplier remarks that before Wabel, their company had never managed to obtain meetings with the over-solicited retailers met during these summits. 70% of interviewed participants believe the meetings they took part in will lead to concrete business, so no need to take our word for it; the facts speak for themselves!

Visit Wabel.com today to find out how Wabel can match you with new potential business partners.

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