Wabel has a brand new look!

In spite of all the recent challenges facing the FMCG industry, Wabel is continuing to move forward with innovative solutions to help make sure that suppliers & buyers find great matches. 

After 8 years in business, we have managed to create a one of a kind business model in our market and build on a transforming field of expertise in the FMCG industry.

We have recently experienced fast-paced growth and recognized opportunities to advance and make a breakthrough. In this time of change, we want to be sure that our brand identity grows and adapts with us, so we are excited to share Wabel’s brand new website and logo design with you!

The new Wabel website features a cleaner, more user-friendly experience, and allows suppliers, buyers, prospects, and staff to easily browse and locate the best content that Wabel has to offer.

Wabel’s new logo highlights our commitment to create value for our partners, while remaining trustworthy and innovative. The plain blue logo is refreshing and energizing, and it represents trust and responsibility, 2 qualities we have come to be known for. The “W” with strong, intersecting lines represents the strong matches that Wabel creates between suppliers and buyers. It highly conveys our brand promise of #OnlyGreatMatches.

We remain committed now more than ever to our goals of time saving, efficiency, and human touch. Our Online Summits provide buyers & suppliers with a new opportunity to connect more quickly and easily, but our dedicated team is still here to support you in every way possible, and we look forward to continuing to do so in the future!

The Wabel Team

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