Virtual store-check HEB USA & Mexico


HEB is a supermarket chain headquartered in Texas, USA with a turnover of $25 Billion.

As of 2019, HEB was ranked America’s 4th favorite grocery store, and has developed a massive “cult-like following.” They are the largest private employer in Texas, and they donate 5% of pre-tax profits to charity.

The company operates over 300 stores in the U.S. and over 50 stores in Mexico including:

  • 160+ “General HEB Supermarkets” (many of which provide Home delivery)
  • 10 “Central Market” stores in Texas, which is an upscale organic and fine foods retailer
  • 9 “Joe V’s Smart Shop” supermarkets supplying discounted products in the U.S.
  • 2 “Mi Tienda” supermarkets (both over 5,900 m2) which serves a niche Mexican market in Texas

HEB’s beverage sourcing managers for the USA and Mexico will be attending the Wabel Grocery & Drinks Summit in Paris on November to purchase their products for 2020. Register if you want your chance to pitch your products to HEB and dozens of other intl. retailers.