Transforming the world one sip at a time: Top Beverage Trends for 2020

People ring in the New Year on a ‘high’ note with one or more glasses of wine, bubbly, beer or cocktails. As soon as the celebrations are over, consumers are starting to kiss alcohol goodbye and plan for a healthy lifestyle. That’s where functional beverages and health drinks come to their aid and unsurprisingly, 2020 is predicted to be a fizzing year for such products. If you are a player in the global beverage industry, take note – clean, organic, healthy, natural, sustainable, and vegan are the buzzwords for this year. Here are some of the biggest beverage trends to watch in 2020.

Functional Beverages Embrace New Flavors and Ingredients

As the world is abuzz with the idea of holistic wellness, functional beverages that enhance mood, boost relaxation, and relieve stress will steal the spotlight in 2020. Industry forecasts estimate that the functional beverage market in Europe will reach USD 74.26 billion while the global market will hit USD 234.48 billion by 2023. CBD drinks, despite the fog around their legality, continue to grow in popularity while unconventional ingredients like turmeric, beet, and blue majik will make drinks brighter and healthier. Fresh and exotic fruits, vegetables, and botanicals will dominate the flavor profile in addition to some all-time favorites like chamomile and lavender.

Customized Drinks for Specific Health Benefits

As millennials have access to their personal health data through fitness apps and gadgets, beverage brands are likely to focus more on drinks with a particular health benefit. Beverages for gut health, detoxification, relaxation, energy, weight loss, concentration, cognitive performance, and beauty are going to make it big in 2020. The global health beverage market, especially the probiotic segment, is experiencing exponential growth and is predicted to reach USD 69.3 billion by 2023.

Sports Drinks and Sparkling Water: The New Global Craze

Protein-based sports drinks and meal replacement beverages, which were once considered as niche categories, are getting popular these days. Thanks to the global fitness trend, such drinks will not only enjoy increased sales but also witness creative flavor experimentations. According to the latest market analysis, global sports drink market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.5% by 2024. Likewise, sparkling water is on its way to becoming the new global craze with an expected sale of USD 24.5 billion by 2023.

How Much Sugar and Alcohol? None at All!

Consumers have been going the no-sugar, no-alcohol, and no-soda way for quite some time and 2020 will bolster this trend. Many brands are adding zero-sugar or low-sugar drinks to their offerings along with flavor combinations that can stand without added sugar. Non-nutritive alternatives like allulose and stevia and natural sweeteners like dates, agave, and honey will give beverage manufacturers more room for innovation. Non-alcoholic beers and wines might not give consumers a ‘high’, but they are surely going to score high in the global beverage market.

Green Drinks for a Green World

Beverage industry’s experiments with all things green will extend from organic, non-processed, and natural drinks to eco-friendly and plastic-free packaging. Likewise, vegan and gluten-free products that are traceable and cruelty-free will spearhead the green revolution in 2020 and beyond.

To sum it up, the beverage industry is being shaped by the health and environmental commitments of consumers. Now is the time to go creative with flavors and ingredients and raise your glass to a fit, healthy, and eco-friendly world.

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