Throwback of the Wabel Online Summits in September 2020

4   Summits
330 attendees coming from    50 countries
130 suppliers
200 buyers
1600+ B2B Smart Meetings™
86% of buyers wishing for a follow-up

5 days of targeted meetings, products & suppliers discovery, new business relationships …all ONLINE!

“During these summits you meet people from the whole world. It affects our strategy because if we’ve never planned to go outside of Europe, now it’s changing"
Pascal Déotte, Co-Founder of Ferm Kombucha

“I have been coming to Wabel for four years and I have noticed awesome success"
Peter Madden, Managing Partner at Foro International

“I can always expect to meet new suppliers at Wabel, and the one you’ve met will come back with new innovative products"
Marta Giga, Procurement Manager at Alfa Bares

“It’s the opportunity to discover potential suppliers we would like to work with and I think I will follow-up with most of the suppliers I met"
Stan Diepenmaat – Category Manager at Spar International

A few months back we decided to go digital: as physical summits seemed impossible due to the global situation, online ones were clearly the solution.

After long months of hard work, the Online Food & Drinks Summits and the Online Frozen & Dairy Summits took place from Monday, September 21st to Friday, September 25th.

Over 1600 meetings were held during the week. Buyers and suppliers met from morning to evening to exchange contact information, present products, solutions, needs…

Today we can say that these five days were crazy successful: 86% of buyers shared their intention to follow-up with suppliers they met.

How can we really measure the success of The Wabel Online Food & Drinks and Frozen & Dairy Summits held in September?
First, by numbers: 330 attendees and over 1600 B2B Smart Meetings™
Following, by the 4.1/5 satisfaction rate thanks to appealing products, leading to the impressive demand to follow-up following the meetings.

We can also measure the success from the demand to participate in the Online Summits in November following the participation of these four summits.

What played out at the Online Summit?

In a post covid world, some trends played out more than others. Purchasing groups and manufacturers have been adapting to new consumer demands and these trends were at the forefront of the Summits.

European countries have the highest shares of organic food sales on their markets. The demand for organic products keeps growing in Europe with half of Europeans thinking organic is healthier.

The market for global plant-based products is projected to grow due to the health benefits perceived following COVID-19.
In 2019, 30% of European consumers declared changing their diet to help their immune system. Since then, consumers are turning to plant-based products which are seen healthier and safer.

Functional snacking
Consumers are looking for functional foods to help their immune system such as snacks with probiotics, proteins, vitamins. They are even looking for snacks that provide mental benefits such as relaxation. A survey by Mondelez found that 71% of adults say snacking gives them time to connect with themselves.

It’s over … but not really! If this summit is over, Wabel will be back in October & November with new summits.

Check our Summit list.

At Wabel we help facilitate hundreds of buyer-supplier meetings every year across multiple categories at our Wabel Online Summits. We match buyers with the best suppliers in their category using B2B Smart Meetings™ technology.
The suppliers that stand out at these encounters are the ones that are well prepared and have figured out their elevator pitch.

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