Product Sneak Peek at the Online Drinks Off-Trade Summit

In 2020, digital events are the solution to replace trade shows and fairs that couldn’t be held.

Our physical Summits were switched to Online Summits and the first ones of our 2020 series happened in September. They were a real success and we couldn’t be more excited for the Private Label Edition in November.

The Wabel Online Drinks Off-Trade Summit is approaching and the list of suppliers attending is getting bigger.

Companies you weren’t want to miss in November

Eurasian Agri

Eurasian Agri 🍍

Eurasian Agri was originally focused on Aloe Vera juices in various packaging and flavors, and raw material for the food and beverages industry. Over time, they branched out to Aloe Vera drinks combined with natural fruit juices and pure juices of tropical fruits.

More information here.

Brasserie Licorne (Karlsberg Deustchland)

Brasserie Licorne is a manufacturer and distributor of beer. Their identity is asserted in France and internationally, backed by know-how dating back to 1845 and driven by a fierce desire to innovate and develop different, sometimes unexpected products.

More information here.

Brasserie Licorne

Galvanina 🍋

Galvanina produces and bottles mineral water, flavored mineral waters, organic carbonated soft drinks and mixers, as well as iced-teas
They are one of the most important and successful Italian companies specializing in top-quality and premium Private Label organic and conventional soft drinks.

More information here.

Brasserie Lion 🦁

The refined character of their beers comes from the use of wine yeast. They use the rarest varieties of hops, organic malt and use the most innovative brewing techniques.

More information here.

Brasserie Lion
Frubaca (Copa)

Frubaca (Copa) 🥕

Frubaca offers juices that are made with 100% Fresh Fruit and Vegetables. They produce fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies, shots, smoothie bowls (purees), infusions, almond Vegan drinks, overnight oats etc.

More information here.

Brasserie de la Croix (Sainte Nitouche) 🍺

They brew their very own range of Sainte Nitouche beers. They also produce bespoke beers for consortium and association clients and operate as a subcontractor. They work together with their clients to deliver the perfect solution.

More information here.

Brasserie de La Croix
Brasserie Bertinchamps

Brasserie de Bertinchamps 🌿

Brasserie De Bertinchamps is an independent, craft, Belgian and family brewery. Their premium beers are traditional ales, made from pure malt and hops (no spices or additives); available in bottles and kegs

More information here.

Birra Flea 🍻

Birra Flea is produced from the well-known waters of Gualdo Tadino and with only wheat and barley malts – no other unmalted grains – and is both unfiltered and unpasteurized. It is refermented in the bottle in order to preserve its organoleptic properties, without the addition of preservatives and chemical additives.

More information here.

Birra Flea
Fava Bibite

Fava Bibite 🍊

Fava Bibite is present in the soft drink bottling field with an experience of over fifty years: from the choice of best ingredients, to accurate laboratory controls, to receiving of raw material at chemical, physical and organoleptic level.

More information here.

Kloster Kitchen 🥣

Launched in 2018, Kloster Kitchen is a German company that offers organic beverages inspired by valuable knowledge of the ancient monastery kitchen.
They supply to Metro Germany, Rossmann, Amazon Germany and many others.

More information here.

Kloster Kitchen
Brasserie C

Brasserie C 🍺

Brasserie C is a place to taste the Curtius, beer created by two entrepreneurs passionate about beer. La Curtius, originally from Liège, crossed the French, Italian, Luxembourg and Dutch borders.

More information here.

Brite Drinks 🥭

Brite Drinks provide business professionals with natural and healthy functional drinks for mental performance. Brite is made of nature’s superfoods and contains the perfect blend of natural nootropics to keep you focused and productive. It’s essentially Liquid Focus.

More information here.

Nissin Brite Drinks

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet great suppliers and check out our Summit list.

At Wabel we help facilitate hundreds of buyer-supplier meetings every year across multiple categories at our Wabel Online Summits. We match buyers with the best suppliers in their category using B2B Smart Meetings technology.
The suppliers that stand out at these encounters are the ones that are well prepared and have figured out their elevator pitch.

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