Product Sneak Peek at the Online UP Beauty Summit

In 2020, you can find the right partner at the Online UP beauty Summit.

We’ve switched to Online Summits this year, the new normal in a post-covid world. The Beauty Edition is around the corner and we can’t wait for it to begin.

The Wabel Online Up Beauty Summit has an exciting list of suppliers attending and here’s a sneak peak of it.

Companies you weren’t want to miss in October


Ahava 🌊

AHAVA is the only cosmetics company indigenous to the Dead Sea region. Their products are skin-friendly, free of harsh chemicals, and rooted in natural ingredients. They are proud to be 100% Vegan-Friendly. Their products are available in 30 countries worldwide, and their research team partners with leading research institutions.

More information here.

The Perfumist 💐

Perfumist is a free mobile application designed to rank a selection of the perfumes you are most likely to enjoy. Enter a perfume you like and discover 10 to 15 matches. It’s the only existing AI powered tool that focuses on the science of ingredients of a pre-selected perfume chosen by the users.

More information here.

The Perfumist
Le Rouge Français

Le rouge français 💄

They are a fresh new company based in Paris, specialized into developing vegan, organic, certified and patented Red Lipsticks. They use the incredible biologic properties and tinctorial capacity of plants to conceive our natural colors.

More information here.

Kepro 💇🏼

Kepro is an Italian Company specialized in hair care treatments and beauty products. Their ambition is to offer high quality, creative and innovative products to both professional users and end-consumers. Their product lines, 100% MADE IN ITALY, are distributed on the national territory through our 50 shops Beautyeco, Keproshop and abroad in over 63 foreign Countries.

More information here.


Eley 🛁

Eley is a 100% Italian company that produces innovative and functional products for the hair, face and body for the domestic and international market. . Eley guarantees clients an undisputed standard of quality and recognizes the importance of ethical, environmental and social values.

More information here.

Montefarmaco 🧼

Montefarmaco is an Italian pharmaceutical company with over 70 years of success. With more than 300 products, they cover different market segments, among others, probiotics, eye care and oral care products, vitamines, dermo cosmetics.

More information here.


Licofarma 🌿

Licofarma Srl is an R&D and manufacturer of natural skincare & health supplements. They use Organic Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant, in all their skincare and supplements, thanks to the multitude of its properties (incl. UV filter and DNA protector, anti aging, antitumor).

More information here.

Prigen 🧴

Prigen is an Italian dermo-cosmetic company founded in 2003 by a group of researchers expert in the fields of Pharma/Biotech studies and develops in its laboratories a new line of anti-aging serums based on the concept of essentiality: very few ingredients in very high concentrations.

More information here.

Igiene Service

Igiene Service 🛀

Igiene Service Srl is a multisectoral company mainly specialized in environmental services, which with its OZONO Health & Beauty division produces a line of ozonated oil dermocosmetics.
It is a very innovative line of skin care products, consisting of n. 15 references for face and body with OZONO Health & Beauty registered trademark.

More information here.

Vagheggi 💅

Vagheggi is an italian excellence in the professional skincare industry. Vagheggi has helped write the history of professional Italian cosmetics where each element is meticulously studied, tested and chosen to become part of a synergy of active ingredients.

More information here.


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