Infused Drink Innovations are Boosting the CBD Market

by Zoey Ginsberg

3 min read

Wellness products are booming around the world, in big part due to the ongoing stress of a worldwide pandemic. CBD infused drinks are quickly gaining popularity as consumers are looking for new ways to try to de-stress.

Despite the carnage the pandemic has had on our global economy and to our social society, it's actually been really good for cannabis and cannabinoids.” says John Kagia, Chief Knowledge Officer at New Frontier Data, “The potential scale of the market could be absolutely massive.”

CBD oil is the next top trend to help against anxiety

What is CBD and how does it work?

First things first, the question everyone has been asking themselves since seeing the miraculous claims pop up in every product on every shelf: what exactly is CBD?

CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is one of the hundreds of active ingredients that can be extracted from cannabis or hemp plants. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t create a psychoactive response that most marijuana users associate with the plant.

Benefits of CBD oil

While CBD won’t get you high, there are studies that suggest it will do you one better: help calm your anxiety, relieve chronic pain or even help with seizures. So all you have to do is take a sip and take it easy…

So, how does that fit into your morning coffee?

According to John from New Frontier, “consumers are really embracing these products because they taste amazing and they do what they say on the box”. It takes away the guessing game of measuring the perfect droplet of oil and makes it as easy as taking a sip.

Cannabidiol is an oil, and to get CBD infused drinks, it’s not as easy as putting a few drops in your glass of water – or any other liquid beverage for that matter.

CBD OIl innovation allows it to be used in multiple products like coffee

Innovation has played a big role in growing the infused beverage market. The most common solution to mix oil based compounds with water based beverages is called nanoemulsion. The process has been used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals for years.

It allows the CBD oils to be absorbed by the body, consistently and quickly. That means that the effects you get from drinking your CBD infused drink will be the same for each can you open.

The CBD Infused Products Buzz

Due to the nature of market research, different sources vary on the exact numbers. According to Grandview Research, the global cannabis infused beverage market will grow to almost three billion dollars in 2025. Fortune Business Insights forecast up to 8,5 billion dollars in market value by 2027. Research and Markets reports a more modest outcome of a slight increase to more than one billion USD by 2025.

Global CBD Infused Drinks Market Value Predictions Sources: Grandview Research, Fortune Business Insights

International CBD infused drink brands

Once the oil has been extracted from the plant, and turned into tiny nanoparticles so it can quickly reach the bloodstream, CBD can virtually be added to any drink you want. The most popular is sparkling water, flavored and enhanced.

Brands like MEDAHUMAN in the UK offer “a range of targeted functional wellness through the synergy of CBD, with adaptogens, nootropics and nutrients.” According to Adam Feldheim, the company founder, it’s “the perfect remedy for hectic lifestyles and managing anxiety in the times we live in.” In 2021, the UK based drinks brand is going to start exporting to Europe.

Trip, another UK brand, has even branched out to infusing cold-brew coffee to provide a perfect balance of energy boost, while staying relaxed. In France, Chilled has created their own hibiscus and CBD infused sparkling water to “fight the great evils of modern times”.

CBD is legal in almost every european country. Any company that sells infused products has gone through extensive tests and regulations ensuring that the product is top notch. All you have to do is find your favorite flavor and get to enjoying and relaxing!

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