EUROMONITOR at the Wabel Online Beauty & Personal Care Summit.

We are very pleased to welcome Euromonitor International at this year's edition of the Beauty & Personal Care Summit!

They will be sharing exclusive Market Insights on the beauty & Personal Care industry.

Here is the program!

Amy Rollinson
Research Analyst at Euromonitor International

Beauty and Personal Care in Europe: State of Play In a Pre & Post Pandemic World

The presentation will discuss the state of the beauty and personal care industry before, during, and after the impact of coronavirus. The current beauty and personal care landscape have shifted vastly due to the impact of Covid-19, leaving skincare, colour cosmetics and fragrance sales in turmoil. The growth of hygiene products is clearly the focus for 2020 and the foreseeable future, as brands and retailers learn to navigate newfound consumer behaviors and channel shifts. This presentation will discuss case studies and best practices, as well as future recommendations for best adapting to our new normal.

About the speaker:
Amy Rollinson is a Research Analyst at Euromonitor International with a focus on Health & Beauty, based in London.
Amy is involved in researching Beauty & Personal Care and Consumer Health industries in Western Europe and has extensive knowledge of regional as well as global trends in both the industries. She also produces insightful content in her area of expertise.
With an interest in all things related to health and wellness, Amy advises clients across Health & Beauty with a special focus on skin care and digestive health. Her insights on skin care, hair care, men’s grooming, and ingredients has been featured in trade press such as Cosmetic Business, Cossma and Happi.

Adriana Goldenberg
Beauty Analyst at Euromonitor International

Beauty and Personal Care in Europe: State of Play In a Pre & Post Pandemic World

The workshop discusses whether consumer demands keep pace with the Beauty and Personal Care industry claims in Europe. Out of the workshop, private label listeners will takeaway clear patterns across product claims, the importance of transparency and how to navigate a post-Covid environment with future-proof, consumer-led claims.

About the speaker:
Adriana Goldenberg is a Beauty Analyst at Euromonitor International. In her current role, Adriana is responsible for researching the performance of the Beauty and Personal Care industry in several Western European countries. She interacts with fellow researchers as well as conducts direct research to identify various trends that shape the industry. Her discussion with key clients complements her perspective and sharpens her industry knowledge.

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