Flavourfully Yours: The New Flavour Experimentation Trend in Dairy Products

If you have been using phrases like ‘as white as cream’ or ‘as plain as milk’, it’s time to rethink – because the demand for white cream and plain milk is changing. Not just milk or cream, but the entire spectrum of dairy products is undergoing a massive make-over in terms of flavours. You heard it right – sweet, spicy, tangy, and savoury flavours are making their way to the dairy industry, offering customers refreshing options.

Here is a rundown of the new trend of flavour experimentation in dairy products !

Flavoured dairy products: A rising trend

Flavour experimentation in dairy products is not a new trend altogether – we have been seeing strawberry-flavoured milk, chocolate dips, garlic-flavoured butter, and fruit-flavoured yoghurt in dairy aisles for a decade or more. However, dairy companies are taking a renewed interest in flavour experimentation of late, thanks to the escalating demand among young customers for fun flavours. Going by certain market studies, about 60% of consumers welcome flavour experimentation in food. The dairy industry is no exception to this – about 64% consumers love experimenting with milk and milk-based products.

Another reason why flavoured dairy products are rising in popularity is the advent of plant-based food culture. As the food industry is now filled with plant-based alternatives for milk, cheese, yoghurt, and others, dairy companies are facing competition like never before. In order to remain relevant in the industry and cater to rising global trends, dairy food manufacturers are left with only one option – experiment and invent new and unusual flavours.

Treat your customers’ taste buds with some explosive flavours

It’s not about fruity or chocolate flavours anymore – like it or not, the monopoly of sweet flavours in dairy products is coming to an end. Fast moving suppliers are now thinking outside the box to come up with bold and punchy options that appeal to millennials across the globe. The creamy texture of milkfat gives manufacturers the freedom to play with spicy, tangy, herbal, and other rare flavours.

Ethnic-inspired flavour profiles are also a huge hit with young consumers. Such products not only tickle their taste buds but also give them a chance to experience another culture. As the Asian, Mediterranean, and Latin American flavours blend well with dairy, pesto, sriracha, pepper, cilantro, harissa, and gochujang are increasingly being used in cheeses, yoghurts, and dips.

Combinations of two or more flavours are also equally popular, especially the sweet and spicy blend. While the sweet/fruit flavour invokes a sense of familiarity, the spicy flavour adds more zing to the product. For instance, combinations like mango-sriracha, chocolate-chilli, and pineapple-chipotle are gaining popularity and heating up the dairy industry.

The Final Word

It’s time to offer your customers what they want: parsley-flavoured cheese, savoury yoghurts, sweet-heat dips, ice creams infused with avocados or chillies, and butter flavoured with seaweed, jalapeno, and the like.

If you are a supplier already offering unique flavored dairy products and would like to connect with buyers that are looking for these new products, please let us know so we can put you in contact.

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