Data Product Manager (H/F) – CDI

Posted on August 2, 2021

SaaS, B2B, matchmaking, retail, international, taxonomy, ontology, interactivity, linguistics, python, sql
Full-time contract in Paris 8e, starting asap, bac+5/master/M.S/B.S
Partial remote work
> 3 years of experience in data tech/product management position or equivalent


Needl provides data-powered high-quality business leads in the FMCG retail market.

Needl mission is to transform the consumer goods industry to be more transparent, efficient, open, and sustainable.
We believe that the heart of this transformation is with the creation of meaningful business opportunities worldwide in the FMCG market, from the clean ingredients to the brands, from the eco-packaging to the retailers.
We are building a B2B SaaS platform that connects all key stakeholders in the FMCG industry, generates high-quality data-based recommendations, trusted business introductions and efficient business leads management leading to first business meetings.

Needl has been created in 2020 and has a highly dynamic and international team of around 20 people, working in Paris, 8e.
At Needl, the Product and Tech teams work very closely in 3 Impact Teams: “Data & Core Platform”, “Recommendation” and “Interactivity”. The Data & Core Platform team focuses on building a reliable and evolutive consolidated database, performant and efficient algorithms, and core services. The Recommendation team focuses on collecting user data to provide reliable and high-quality recommendations to buyers and sellers. The Interactivity team focuses on leveraging recommendations results to create first contacts, get more information, and set up a clean basis of a trustworthy long-term business relationship.

We aim at mapping verticals and building meaningful relationships between stakeholders, and we believe that the new possibilities offered by the semantic web and linguistics can unlock fantastic opportunities for our clients.

Enhancing business people’s daily life, helping them work smarter and faster, accelerating their industry transformation by creating new relationships are our ultimate goals.

Job description

To support Needl growth, we are looking for a data product manager. Reporting directly to Needl GM, you will be responsible for the activity of the Data & Core platform team.
The Data and Core Platform team is responsible for managing data to support the business and leverage for surgical accuracy matchmaking, focusing on:

  • Providing a very high level of supplier/buyer/goods data accuracy
  • Developing unbelievable matchmaking quality and business insights to our users
  • Maintaining high availability and performance for the platform

What will you do/missions?

As a product manager, you will be focused on identifying problems and building data products that solve them. You will be closely working with taxonomists, data analysts, data engineers, BI engineers, and customer-facing teams. Your missions will include:

  • Build, shape, and share your product vision, strategy and roadmap, based on user/customer/stakeholders needs and aligned with our impact objectives and build step-by-step our future data stack, based on test and learn approach, in close collaboration with data engineers, analysts and developers
  • Coordinate the work of data team activities (taxonomy/ontology management, data cleansing, data set scoring & business assignments, dashboarding, workflows automation)
  • Prioritize, ship, monitor, measure usage and iterate
  • Communicate with all stakeholders about status, progress, and learnings
  • Be an ambassador of impact-driven and objectivity mindset internally and externally

Preferred Experience

Soft Skills

  • Ability to operate in a technical, user-centric and product-driven environment
  • Proven leadership skills in people management including remote staff management, team-building practices
  • Great interest in B2B matchmaking, in FMCG in particular
  • Ability to build strong bridges with all other parts of the business, while effectively leading both upwards and downwards
  • Business-level English is mandatory
  • Excellent communication skills to engage peers, senior leadership and deliver results: succinct, structured, thorough and persuasive

Hard Skills

  • Proven experience of at least 3 years in a related position, with a background M.S or B.S in Computer Science or a related field
  • Excellent problem-solving capabilities and strong analytical thinking
  • Experience in developing/managing massive data collection & management system
  • Experience in implementing or maintaining a CRM
  • Previous experience in building ontologies and taxonomies
  • Good data science culture (Linguistics, NLP, Machine Learning Analytics, Statistics)
  • Strong Python software development skills, and good command of MySQL
  • Working knowledge of typical agile tools (Docker, JIRA, Confluence, etc)
  • Understanding of Agile/Scrum methodology (Scrum or kanban)


  • Business, international trade or FMCG experience/exposure
  • SaaS B2B product and/or agile methodology experience
  • Knowledge of ZohoCRM and ZohoAnalytics

Recruitment Process

At Needl, our core business is good matchmaking and we believe a proficient long-term professional relationship is a double-sided process, based on trust and transparency.
The point is to detect any obstacles or potential mismatch as soon as possible. We are looking to build an elite team and target unanimous positive feedback. Be yourself and put us to the test as much as we will test you.
We will follow this process:

  • Screening itw: 30’ call with our HR or job owner
  • Referral: we will call at least 3 persons you’ve worked with, exploring different angles (management, colleague, stakeholder, mentor,…)
  • Culture/Mindset itw: 1h with Needl GM
  • Hard skills assessment: case study at home or live situations assessment with manager, pairs and key stakeholders
  • Meet the team: a chance to discover and chat with your future colleagues
  • Founder itw: 30’ chat with our founder & CEO
  • Feedback: in addition to the different step debriefs, we commit to share with you a consolidated feedback with what has been perceived during
    the interviews and will ask for some
  • Proposal: if we have a match, you’ll receive a nice proposal!

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