Organic Wrap Gluten-free with Quinoa

Piada (flatbread) Gluten-free Organic with Quinoa.
Room temperature - keep away from heat sources. Once the pack is opened store in refrigerator for max. 2/3 days.
Bread replacement easy to prepare; warm up a minute on each side of the plate or pan and stuff like.
Gluten-free - Egg free - Milk free - Animal fats free - Palm oil free - Soy free - Organic

Cold rolled, pre-baked on plate and packed in a protected atmosphere.

From a nutritional point of view, the quinoa is a very rich food: it has a high content of high biological value protein, in particular is rich in lysine, an amino acid deficient in cereals. Among the vitamins, quinoa is rich in vitamin B2, as well as vitamin C and vitamin E.
Thanks to this contribution, the quinoa flour can be considered a useful food to protect the circulatory system and body tissues.

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