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Classification: LIQUEUR

Country of origin: Greece

Kind: Lemoncello

Volume of Bottle: 700 ml

Alcohol content : 22%

Tasting notes:

  • Color: Yellow
  • Nose: Strong happy lemon scent
  • Palate: Typical lemon flavor, delicate, intense and slightly sweet smell.


pairings: Enjoy it as an aperitif after a meal, but also ties with traditional Greek sweets such as pastry sweets and ice creams.

Serving temperature: Cool at 10o with the addition of cold water or ice cubes.

Producer: KATSAROS DISTILLERY keeps the brunt of a heavy history of 160 years. It is a four generations family run located in Tirnavos. It is the oldest distillery of ouzo in Greece and the world, since there was born Ouzo, this national product. Here we continue to distill as then, since 1856.With soul and vision, we put the handcrafted copper stills in modern facilities, here in Tirnavos and made our production possible. Since 1930, our spirits walk all around the world and we make sure they go even further. Our spirits, which won  medals and quality distinctions  in exhibitions worldwide from 1889 till today, shine like bright stars  justifying our labors. During this long journey we travel along with our Ouzo, Tsipouro, Liqueur, Ouzo Triple Distilled and Aged Tsipouro trying not to be just winners, but to dominate.


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