VEGAN SANDWICHES with Chicca Smoked and Olivier Salad

Vegan Sandwiches with Chicca Smoked and Olivier Salad

Our Snacks are the perfect snack for those who wish to enjoy a tasty break and healthy at the sametime.

A very special sandwich we are offering you now: fully thoughts to comply our high quality standard of food ingredients. The bread has changed: from white bread, which usually contains alchool we invented a new bread type made of whole weat flour and BioSuRice cream, Whole Germinated Rice, which dough, after four days of leavening with mother yeast produces such a rich and nutirent bread. In between the bread we stuffed various ingredients to createa 100% vegetarian, 100% vegan choice of taste!

Our products are totally preservatives free, alchool free, ideal for an healthy and tasty snack!

The unmistakable taste of Vegan Mozzarella Smoked flavour is perfectly blended with a delicate 100% vegetable russian salad. Ideal for a fancy snack or as appetizer we invite you to try our spectacular products.

The bread is encasing the stuffing in made of whole weat flour and mother yeast.

Bread is made with whole grain flour and mother yeast.

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