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Newrest Algérie



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Mohammadia, Algeria


Established in 2005, Newrest is the french global leader in multi sector catering that sells its expertise in 48 countries across the world. Olivier Sadran and Jonathan Stent-Torriani are the founders(chairman) of Newrest group. Newrest is very famous for being active in all catering and the hospitality segments that follows: inflight Buy on board Duty free Catering Remote site Rail Retail and Support services Newrest mission & vision is to innovate, improve and offer quality service to its client. Being a specialist in out-of-home food service, Newrest group manages different sectors: Airline companies are Newrest core business that actually accounts 44% of its turnover. Newrest offers its catering service to 15,975 fights a week and serves 593,000 meals every day. In 2016, Newrest launched a new company - TRE3 (Travel Retail Equipment, Environment & Entertainment) is the management section of all the SOB (Sales on Board), Duty Free, product and innovation concepts for all kind of on board services equipment and entertainment. Railway companies In 2016, Newrest realised a turnover of 272m euros, catering 254,000 train and serving 37,000 meals through its 2,660 employees in the rail sector.Newrest also has 25 logistics centres to stock & manage all products necessary for on-board services to run smoothly and for passengers to feel at ease. Newrest Remote site consists of 8500 employees that serves 162,500 meals per day on 218 sites in 19 countries.We provide hotel management services, in the broadest sense, to anyone who has to work at mining sites, on oil platforms, and on huge construction projects. Newrest Catering manages: Restaurants Cafeterias Reception lounges And also offers meals for patient and staff in hospitals and clinics. Newrest Catering is also brands of retail outlets namely: Daily Break Caffé Lindo Sky Shop