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Tradition and modernity met to give birth to KAYA TEA, the first Moroccan ice tea, It was launched in Morocco in April 2017, in Dubai in June 2017 and in France in July 2017. More than two years of research and development were necessary to obtain the final product which has already been awarded at the SIAM 2017 in Morocco by the Best Product Quality Award, but also by the international Reddot Design Award 2017.

KAYA TEA is the brand in the soft drinks industry that brings you to explore the world and the magic of Morocco by experiencing an unexpected creativity.

Healthy, natural, low in calories, KAYA TEA proposes four original and unexpected flavors of Moroccan Ice Tea: Fresh Mint, Juicy Lemon, Appetizing Nectarine and Irresistible Cherry, all made with natural green tea extract and stevia, without colorants and preservatives.

Our company values are: Genius loci (spirit of a place), glamorous spirit, wellness and harmony.

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